REU Project Reports

Summer 2010 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Coordinator: Professor Rajaram Janardhanam

Project 1:

Student: Sean Wendt

Advisor: Dr. Vincent Ogunro

Title: A Study on the Performance of Deep Layer Subgrade Stabilization

Project 2:

Student: Dustin Smith

Advisors: Dr. Shen-En Chen and Dr. Kaoshan Dai

Title: Dynamic Properties of Spun Concrete Utility Poles

Project 3:

Student: Joshua Terry

Advisor: Dr. Marty Kane

Title: Should it be changed? UNC Charlotte Parking

Project 4:

Student: Chris Dorton

Advisor: Dr. Marty Kane

Title: Application of Alternative Intersection Designs

Project 5:

Student: Amed Munoz

Advisor: Dr. Rajaram Janardhanam

Title: Geotechnical Forensics